Friday, February 15, 2013

Flatter bladder - The photo album

Our blog-friend Shinny requested photos from my gall bladder surgery.
Why not?

This is the famous hospital barf bucket.  I think it's kinda pretty.  The Husband wanted to get a shot of me with my head in it, but he wasn't here when photos were being taken, so too bad.

I've got a "secret recipe" for ya, Colonel!

This is my bedside table.  These are all the things I thought I'd need to have handy during my recuperation time.  You'll see (in clockwise fashion) a stack of Donald Westlake novels (I haven't open a single one), bottle of pain meds (used them), hand lotion (which I can't reach), a radio in case I want music (which I haven't), a couple of pens in case I want to jot down some notes such as what I might want to blog about (there are two pens because I'm pretty sure if there was only one, I'd drop it), a note pad to write supposed notes, and a water bottle (which is using the notepad as a coaster).
Oh, yeah.  And remote controls for the TV and DVD player.
Those I've used.

I borrowed lots of DVDs from the library in anticipation of laying around a lot.  While I was right about the laying around a lot, I haven't watched many movies.  I keep falling asleep.
I picked mostly movies The Husband and boys
wouldn't want to watch with me.

These are interesting.  One of the nurses at the hospital gave The Husband a handful of these to help me with nausea.  One swipe under the nose with one of these alcohol-soaked wipes is supposed to make you not throw up.  The nurse proved it by swiping my nose after I had thrown up in one of those lovely barf buckets.  Good timing, sister.
Me: Would Jack Daniels work just as well?
They:  No.                                                    

Here is my loyal kitty helping me convalesce.
Good kitty!

Here is my loyal kitty taking my warm spot the moment I get up to use the bathroom.
"What?  You weren't using it."

Here is my lazy ass cat.  He knows I'm not supposed to lift anything ten pounds or heavier, and he weighs 11 pounds.  Shove over, lard ass.  I'm the one who was stabbed four times.  Wanna know how that feels?
"If I pretend to be sleeping, she'll feel too guilty to move me."

Maybe I'll just hang out in the kitchen while the fat cat sleeps.
This flavor is Bunny Tracks, but my wonderful husband
also bought me Cherry Bourdeaux Chocolate.  :-)


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

I could have used those swipes when I was throwing up all through Christmas!
You have a nice hubby who thinks about you a lot (which is important), and even does stuff for you (oh, wow, you lucked out).
And a lovely kitty who is so thoughtful (aren't they all?).

Thumper said...

When is it not mean to say that less than a week after I got mine out, I was painting the living room, up and down the ladder all day for 2 days? 'Cause I'll wait until then...


I could have used that barf bucket after my tumor removal, though. They gave me this tiny little spit cup thing... I hurled a bucket full o'blood and got a surgical resident to run out of the room.

Good times, good times... :)

Andy said...

Good luck on the recovery, Roses. You'll be so way glad very soon.

The alcohol wipe thing to stop you from hurling does not work. But, if you ever get a crick in your neck, massage it with those things. Works wonders.

You're welcome.

Roses said...

Thumper, you can say it now. Post-surgery pain meds are incredible! I was ready to do tons of stuff while taking them. Not so much now.

Roses said...

Andy, does Jack Daniels work just as well?

Andy said...

Dunno, Roses. Switched to Evan Williams several years ago.

Cheaper, and hits quicker.

But, to answer your question seriously...NO! Well, maybe I should say "not sure." Used alcohol pads while on the job, and they are bitchin' good.

Can't drink on the job.



Cellar Door said...

Actual photographs! I'm impressed!

Feel better soon, sweet one.

Christie Critters said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. If you need it I've got two 16 pound plus kitties that would probably be happy to kick your kitty's butt should it be necessary - on second thought, you can probably lift kitty yourself by the time I could get them there...
and on third thought, Kimi and Rufus would probably decide to help your kitty take over the ENTIRE bed - just to be ornery.

Roses said...

Wow, Christie! Where do two 16 pounds cats sleep?
Anywhere they want!

Shinny said...

Thanks for the pictures but I was really hoping for a picture of the missing pieces. ;) Probably too gross for the blog. Glad you had the kitty to keep you company. Mine will snuggle with us when we are not feeling the best too. They mean well but when two of them weigh over 20 pounds and your stomach hurts and that is where they want to snuggle, it kind of sucks. They keep me warm though.