Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ladies with the yarn

The local ladies group that has the annual craft, fabric and yarn sale were awesome this year.

I'd mentioned on the air that I was heading over to their sale after work, and moments after I arrived there, I heard my name spoken across the room.
I looked over, but there was no one familiar there.  No one was trying to get my attention.
They were simply talking about me.

This is one of those weird things about working in radio.

Three ladies were manning the checkout table.
When I laid my yarn choices on the table, I asked, "So, this Roses... she's harassing you, is she?"
"Oh, no!  We love her!  She said on the radio that she was coming here today, and we were all wondering what she looks like.  None of us has ever seen her.  We were hoping to meet her."

So, I held out my hand and said hello.

They squealed with delight.
"Oh!  You're so small! And young! We expected someone much older and larger."

That was a good day.


Christie Critters said...

What a wonderful thing. It is something that you can pull out and use time and again to bring your spirits up (and from the sound of things you are writing, you could use that right now).
What kind of yarn did you get? What is your new project going to be?

Roses said...

Christie, I spent two whole dollars(!) and got four balls of soft wools. They will most likely be hats someday. And I'll most likely donate them to charity. :-)

Bou said...

I almost spit on my computer! It is 12:30AM, I'm alone waiting to go on this dang trip in an hour, and I'm trying hard not to laugh out loud and wake up the house at, "We expected someone much older and larger." Holy crap. That is the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

Moogie P said...

No kidding! Small and young is to kill for!

The Gray Monk said...

Nice one, well done to you!

Harvey said...

Well you DO look so sweet and innocent.

...and then you start talking... ;-)

Andy said...

We expected someone much older and larger."

Nyuk...You must have a voice like a big ol' gal!

Lemon Stand said...

Heh! I'm not allowed to play with yarn... I always have to be rescued from almost hanging myself or emergency room visits for poking my eye... that's actually not why I'm not allowed to play with yarn though... it's in the interest of the health of my fellow man (woman, child & family). :) (TRUE STORY)