Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yarn Shopping

The community fabric and craft sale to benefit charity was last week.
I went a little kookoo for Coco Puffs in their yarn department.  But, The Husband was there with me (to hold skeins for me), and he encouraged me to buy whatever I liked and as much of it as I wanted.

I told you I picked the right man.

In the end, we walked out with two bags of yarn for $10.
Let me clarify something for you:
One package in the deal contained four skeins of wool priced normally $7 each.  I got the whole $28  package for $6.  So, you understand the bargains here. 
Another package contained four colorful balls of miscellaneous yarn.  That one cost a quarter.
And, now you understand the bulk of ten dollars worth of bargain yarn, right?

Let me repeat, The Husband encouraged me to buy whatever I wanted.  When we left, he asked me twice, "Are you sure you got everything you want?"
I assured him I got plenty and then some.

That afternoon at work, I promoted the community fabric sale while reading the PSAs on the air.  I read the list of items they had (quilting fabrics, buttons, pattern books...) and mentioned how they had lots of yarn.  "Well," I corrected myself, "they had lots of yarn.  I was over there at lunchtime, and now they have a little less."

I think you know me well enough to suspect I kept thinking about the yarns I left behind.

So, yes.  After work, while The Husband was home cooking me a nice warm supper, I snuck back over to the community sale and talked a little more with the yarns.  This time, I took a book bag into the sale with me so I could carry more by myself.
I stuffed the bag full.

As I dumped the bag out onto the checkout table, I told the three volunteer ladies standing there, "I hope you're happy.  I already bought $10 worth of yarn at lunch today."
Amid the chuckles at my comment, one little old lady said, "Oh.  Are you that woman from the radio station?"


I answered with my usual brilliant reply, "Um, why do you ask?"
She answered, "Because the lady on the radio said she was here earlier today, and she said she bought a lot of yarn."
I hung my head.  "Yes.  That was me."


But wait, that's not the end of it!

I took my new purchases home and sorted through them that evening.  Then, I pawed through my already overgrown stash and pulled out all the yarns I didn't particularly like.  Some fuzzy stuff, some sparkly stuff, a collection of rabbit furs (very nice, but not something I'd use), full skeins leftover from large projects...
In the end, I filled a giant grocery bag with yarn I was willing to say goodbye to. 
The next morning, I took it to the community sale (which was going on for four days) and donated it.

Probably next year I'll end up buying some of my own yarn back.
Because, you know, that's just the way I am.


So... With all this talk about yarn, I'm gonna post pics of a finished plarn bag Friday.
It's big enough for a very small shopping trip.
I'm pretty happy with my first try at plastic yarn.


Moogie P said...

Great work! On all fronts!

Andy said...

Roses, I once bought a car at a charity auction, and then donated it back to be sold again.

There were two factors involved there. One: I could not get the key in he ignition.

Two: I had had too much to drink, and could not drive it home.

So, I figured I'd be philanthropic and Christian, and donate it back to the charity. They are some good folks, and seemed to appreciate it. And, one of the Nuns drove me home.

vw bug said...

I can't wait to see...and you do have a good hubby. ;-)

M said...

Roses, You did find one of the good ones. I did too. OK really he found me... I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will make with ALL THAT YARN!!!! Blessings M

Bou said...

I'm sorry, but I'm LMAO that they knew it was you!