Friday, March 30, 2012

Holiday Inn, 3600 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor

I can't remember ever personally endorsing anything here, but this one needs to be done...

If you ever need to spend a couple days visiting a loved one who is being treated at the UofM Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you will want to stay at the Holiday Inn, 3600 Plymouth Road

These folks were very friendly and helpful.
They give you a reduced "hospital rate".
And, they'll shuttle you to and from the hospital at no charge 24/7.

It was the DisneyWorld of my medical universe earlier this week.
(Btw, the UofM Hospital?  Excellent.  You will have no worries there.)

Spread the word.  Someone you know might need to know this.


brandi said...

How thoughtful in these days of non-personal treatment. It is such a pleasure to hear about a place that actually cares!
All the thumbs up in my entire apartment building!

Christie Critters said...

Used to live in Ann Arbor - U of M Hospital can't be beat. Also, the Holiday Inn on Plymouth Road (very near where we used to live) really is a special place.
Glad you got good service.

Bou said...

Ditto here. Used to live in Ann Arbor, near that area. My Dad was a prof at UofM and so my Mom went back to college and graduated from there. Great school, fantastic Med School, amazing Hospital. Honestly? People mention Ivy League and I put M Go Blue up there with them.

Roses said...

Geez, Christie and Bou, it *is* a small world, isn't it?

The Gray Monk said...

Glad to hear you were well looked after, but very sorry to hear why you were visiting there. I hope things are now taking a better direction for you all.

Roses said...

Thank you, G-Monk.
Dad is doing great! :-)