Wednesday, February 01, 2012

No? Just me?

You ever get started shaving your legs and suddenly realize you won't have enough time to finish the second one, so you just leave it?

Uh... me, neither.


brandi said...

Wear slacks. Works every time.

Thumper said...

No. Never. Heh.

Neither have I ever gotten somewhere, say the gym, and put my shorts on, only to discover that I have massively long 2 inch stripes that I missed, after having not shaved for like 5 months. Nope.

Andy said...

Nope! Never happened to me.

I did once get my face half shaved back in college, and my electric razor crapped out on me. Man, did I look stupid!

It was forecast for 102, so I couldn't wear a ski mask. At least you had the option of slacks.

Jen said...

This is when you only shave from the knees down. Skirts should cover the rest. :)