Friday, February 17, 2012

How it sounded in my head

Going swimming?
I dunno.  I'd really like to, but I heard there are leeches in the water.
Leeches?  Leeches are the least of your worries. You got the snapping turtles, the electric eels, and piranha in there.  Heck, if you stand here on the dock thinking about it long enough, a 'gator is likely to walk right up and get you without you even needing to get in the water.  So, in or out of the water, leeches are the least of your worries.
Yup, people come stand out here all the time clueless to what's out there.  I see it as my duty to point out the dangers to them.  One way or the other, something's gonna get you just for being here.  I'm doing you a favor letting you know.
I suppose I see your point...
In fact, while we've been standing here talking, I put a couple leeches on your leg.  You know, so you can see how little you have to worry about them.
You're a peach.  Thanks.

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DogsDontPurr said...

I think I know what you might be trying to say in this post. But I hope it doesn't mean that you're going to quit blogging.

I enjoy reading you because you have teh funny, sometimes your posts are moving, thoughtful or inspirational, and sometimes there is that shared thought that you know just how to articulate.

Hope you are well. Hope everything is all right.