Thursday, February 16, 2012


I gave The Husband a kiss as he left for work this morning.

He:  Thanks for everything.  You've been a great wife.
Me:  I've been a great wife?  Does that mean I'm done now?
He:  Uh, no...
Me:  But I've been.  Which means I'm not now.
He:  You've been great.
Me:  I'm a has-been.
He:  No.  Now, you're spectacular.
Me:  Oh.  Nice save.
He:  It's what I do.


brandi said...

Clever! Nice training, I must say. Good job!

Christie Critters said...

how like a husband...and how sweet!

G.G. Mueller said...

That's even better than when my spouse introduced me (in a golf shop) to an old friend of his as.."my current wife".
He still gets in trouble for that one.

Andy said...

G.G., I often introduce my wife as "my current wife." Or, my "first wife."

I also introduce my children as my "legitimate sons."

It's all true.

The Gray Monk said...

A man who can think fast obviously!