Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Roses' Year In Review

I stole this from Dani.

Take the first sentence from the first post of each month of 2011. That’s your year in review.

January:  May your pleasures be doubled and your pains be halved this year.

February:  Elder Son gave me a big hug last night.
March:  Ever notice how your least favorite socks and the most ill-fitting pairs of underwear are the ones that last the longest?
April:  It's nobody's business if you have some.
May:  At precisely the same time I was grumbling about one person not fulfilling his duties resulting in my job taking longer than needed, another person was riding up in the elevator with the man who signs my paycheck saying some very nice things about me.
June:  I was enjoying greatly what was possibly THE best shrimp in the entire world (evidenced by the chair dancing and humming as I chewed), while Richmond watched me over her own lunch.
July:  Earlier in the day,  I had commented (in a smoochy, Mom-like way) how the boys looked so cute when they dressed alike.   (OMG, you guys, this has to be one of my favorite stories of the year.  If you don't remember it, go read it now.  I'm gonna!)
August:  My friend and I always thought she was very clever because she could introduce herself as "The Best of the Beths".
September:  The Husband and I helped Elder Son take advantage of a small job opening at the radio station.
October:  I was trying to figure out what The Husband was doing Friday evening.
November:  At risk of revealing the secret location of the Ack!Thbbbt! house...
December:  Dear Radio Sales People, Quit writing your ad copy with instructions to "add Christmas bells under".

Always nice to end on a happy note...

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Andy said...

Roses, I just did this after reading your Review.

Dang! I had forgotten how foolish my foolishness is.


Without wading too deep in to the psychological, I wonder if something like this isn't just wonderfully healthy. I mean, I rarely go back and look at old blog posts. But, it's probably a good idea to do that from time to time, just to remember where we were...what we were thinking about...and ponder what urged us to post something.

The first posts of the months of 2011 were pretty "surface," but it has put in my mind to go back and look at some of the serious ones.

Thanks, kiddo!

Oddly, I remember almost all of the posts you've listed above just by the first line. At least, I have a pretty good memory of what they were.

Great idea. Thanks for putting it out there.

Even if it was stolden...

I once defined "originality."

Originality: The ability to easily forget where you heard, or read something."

I've also got a good rule for the process of making astoundingly deep quotes your own, too. But, if I give away all my secrets here, I'll seem like a dumb hick.

And, we CAN NOT have that happening...