Tuesday, July 05, 2011

They call me Mello Yellow

Earlier in the day,  I had commented (in a smoochy, Mom-like way) how the boys looked so cute when they dressed alike.  They gave a quick glance at each other's yellow t-shirts (which really looked nothing alike except for the color) and went back to their zombie/video/computer/destruction game.

Come evening, we decided to walk to get ice cream cones.
"I'll buy!" I volunteered.  And I excused myself to get some cash and my shoes.

Now, when you are wearing a shirt that is similar in color to a shirt someone else is wearing, you don't really notice because you don't really see your own shirt.  In this case, each of the boys would see one yellow shirt.

So, it surprised me that neither of them said anything when I came out of my bedroom also wearing a yellow shirt.  Because each of them would now see two yellow shirts.

But, no.
No comments about it whatsoever.
I *so* wanted to say something, but I imagined the humor could only build the longer and farther we all walked together, so I smirked to myself as we all headed out down the sidewalk.

How far did we get before either of the boys noticed how the trio of us might have looked like a tiny brood of ducks?
Down the street.
Across the high school parking lot.
Past the park where the July 4th carnival was buzzing away.
Up to the ice cream shop.
Eating our cones on the way back home.

Nothing, I tell you!


Finally, we approached our own door.
Elder Son happened to glance over at the car parked in the driveway, and he caught the reflection of himself and his younger brother.
"Oh wow," he said.  "We really do look alike."
"I wondered how long it would take you guys to notice."
"I changed my shirt special so I could match."

Elder Son then opened his eyes and saw what I was wearing.  There was a brief flicker of understanding as he realized how many people would have seen us three together.
And, horror above horrors, how cute we would have been.
"Oh my GOD!  And you wonder why I don't want to be seen in public with you!"



Moogie P said...

That was one superlative mom-prank!

las794 said...

Priceless! :D

nnmlknw said...

Good one!

One of mine or both would have changed shirts immediately after having it pointed out. :/

Bou said...

I think it depends on the color if they changed and who they matched. If it was Bones they matched, one or both of the other brothers would have immediately leaped off the couch and changed. If it was T and Ringo that matched each other... they'd have thought nothing of it, in particular if the matching color was black or brown. If was yellow? All bets off...

That was pretty dang funny.

vw bug said...

You were awesome to let it go that long... I'm not sure I could have. That is hilarious!

diamond dave said...

Believe me, it works even better on teenage girls. I used to love embarrassing mine when they were that age.

Anonymous said...

Boys are so oblivious! : )