Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Floor show

Our basement carpeting was ruined in the last big rain, so The Husband has decided to replace it all with a nice tile down there.
Over the weekend, he told me he was running down to the hardware store to rent a floor stripper.
I had just one question:

"When you rent a floor stripper, do you have to pay for it with single dollar bills?"

Thank you!  You've been a wonderful audience!


The Gray Monk said...


las794 said...


Andy said...

Good one! We plan to rent one of those in the near future (for the porches).

I shall file that one away to get a nyuk out of The Mrs.

Roses said...

Andy, I suspect you will get the same response out of The Mrs as I got from Gray Monk. ;-)

Andy said...

Dunno, Roses.

She laughs pretty easily. After all these years, with all these keeps her from crying.