Monday, October 24, 2011


Okay, you know I don't always hear everything correctly, right?
Well, it's not just me...

Elder Son created a game through an on-line website.  He spends a great deal of time tweeking and updating this game, and he enjoys watching the stats of how many people visit and play his game.  Apparently, he had set a goal for himself to get a certain number of people.  He wanted to fill an entire list and start a second.  One evening, he studied those stats on his open laptop on the kitchen table while the rest of us were watching TV.

After a long period which made us forget Elder Son was nearby, he gave a loud w00t and shouted, "Suck it, b!tch!"


There was another long period in which The Husband, Younger Son, and I all stared at each other.
"I'm sorry, son," I finally ventured.  "What was that you said?"
"I filled a whole server!" he shouted.
"Yeah.  We got that.  But, what exactly did you say when that happened?"

It was his turn to blink at us.
Innocently, and very sincerely, he replied,  "I said 'Second page'.  Why?  What did you think I said?"

A third long period passed before any of us could stop laughing long enough to tell him.


Christie Critters said...

I think that my Stubble and your Elder are related...

Mrs. Who said...

What were y'all watching on tv that made you hear that???

Roses said...

Mrs. Who: Shout "Second page!" with enthusiasm three times fast. You'll hear it, too. ;-)