Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"That's a tennis move."

After visiting with my sisters a few weeks ago, I was relieved to find I'm not the only one who mis-hears things my family says.

The latest:
"That's a tennis move."

The Husband and sons were watching episodes of The Tick on Hulu when Elder Son uttered those words.
Or, so I thought that's what he uttered.

Rather, he had actually said, in response to the animatronic head gear of Patrick Warburton's costume, "His antennas move!"

Of course.

Now, whenever I mis-hear something, Elder Son tells me, "That's a tennis move."


Andy said...

Eh? Whaddidyasay?

Lemon Stand said...

With my severe hearing loss, you definitely don't want to know what some of the things my kids say, sound like... Sometimes I'll do a double-take and the kids will ask just what I thought they had said THIS TIME? (I do, unfortunately, have my moments)