Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The blackest heart in the world

How do you grow into the kind of person that makes the kindest, most-giving people of a charity not want to help you?
How can you be SO awful that they consider creating a policy so they can come into your home and forcibly take back that which they have given you?

You might think this speaks more about the charity than the recipient, but I was in the room, and I didn't want that man to have what he was given either.

(FWIW: After the emotion of the situation was vented, cooler heads prevailed.  No new policy.  No retracting donations.)

But really, how do you survive into adulthood being that much of a total @sshat without someone bashing your brains in?


Shanna said...

There are tons of people out there like that. My mother-in-law runs a Santa's workshop every Christmas and the people who put their names in 2 or 3 times to try and get more stuff are amazing. It isn't like the kids only get one gift either, they get a huge bag of gifts. My mother-in-law is a special person to put up with all that crap. There are usually a couple every year that then complain, "My kid asked for an X-Box and didn't get it." This isn't the real Santa for Pete's sake! These gifts are donated by various businesses and then money is used to purchase others. Every kid can't get a $300 game system.

Roses said...

Yeah, Shanna, you're right. They *are* everywhere. I watched a family with grown children (no younger than 20 years old) badger people handing out freebees at a parade. "He didn't get one! Hey!" Getting all upset over frickin' posters and road maps. How many posters of a motorcycle do you need in your house, lady? Really?

Bou said...

There are people like that. Sometimes they are mentally ill... sometimes they are just inherently mean.

On a related tangent, we just rid of/pawned off to another group, a 65 year old employee who absolutely sucks. He's always sucked. He was a crappy employee when I met him 45 years ago. Somehow he swindles various people into hiring him. My current Tech Lead decided enough was enough. (We'd inherited him.) He brought HR in and told the guy the real truth. He guy was aghast. NEVER in his 65 years had anyone EVER bothered to tell him he was anything but good. NEVER. We think his mother spent all her time telling him how brilliant he is as well. 65 years old. Had never heard the truth. He was stunned.

Bou said...

Ummm, that should have read, 'when I met him 25 years ago..." 45 years ago was when I was born.

Dani said...

I know a guy who is frankly a waste of human existence. I could write paragraphs and paragraph of all the a**holery he has perpetrated in my experience but to save time let me say that almost all the stories end with "and then a total stranger punched him in the face".

He's just one of those people. He's selfish, greedy, not very nice at all, and frankly stupid. He never learns his lesson. I assume he is proof of that saying about God taking care of idiots and little children.

Also though clearly he doesn't understand the consequences of his actions I figure the frequent face punching is just karma.

Note: After reading that over I think I should clarify. I'm not in favor of violence. I would never hit someone in anger. That doesn't mean there aren't people who maybe deserve it.

Roses said...

The charity delivered an air conditioner to the man's house because hospice wanted it for the dying woman he's not married to.
What he said:

"So, when she dies, I get to keep this, right?"

I heard this and cried all the way home.

Thumper said...

OMG...I would have kicked him in the junk...

Roses said...

I know, right?

Andy said...

Okay, Roses. I read this post this morning, and have thought about it all day. I am so WAY glad that I waited until I got home tonight to come back to comment.

I appreciate you giving enough details in the comments to really understand your outrage.

Now...and you can delete this comment if you'd like without hurting my feelings one bit. Really...not one bit.

Maybe I look at the past through rose colored glasses (no pun intended), but the old folks (and I've always had lots of them around me...I mean REALLY old folks) told me of a time when even the smallest acts of charity were appreciated by the receivers.

They told me of a time when folks swallowed all of their pride to even "ask." They told me of a time when folks even tried to pay back to the givers when they could. Oh, I've seen a little of that in my time (BTW...I worked for a non-profit on and Indian Reservation for several years doing "social work")...but not much.

We have created a monster. Or, maybe more properly, "MONSTERS."

As a society, we made the decision to establish a system that would eventually bear generations of people with the entitlement mindset. Not only do they expect provision & service...they expect excellent provision & excellent service for doing nothing, and for free. I see it EVERY stinkin' day where I work, and where I live. I will not go in to a long diatribe, because I'm sure everyone that reads your blog knows exactly what I'm talking about.

As to the SOB and the AC unit...well, there have ALWAYS been people like him. Just not the multiple millions we've created.

Bou said...

Holy crap. What a piece of trash.