Monday, July 18, 2011

Your Facebook responsibilities

Dear Facebook Friend:

If you have just about a billion friends, there's a fair chance you're going to miss a couple three important posts.  And when I post something, it's gonna get buried in a pile of Farmville notes and "Here's a picture of my lunch" nonsense.
Multiply this by how many days pass between your FB checkins.

While there's nothing wrong with having about a billion FB friends and there's nothing wrong with minute-by-minute updates on which room of the house someone might be in, and god knows you are not obligated to check Facebook every other hour, YOU need to understand that YOU. will. miss. stuff.


When a person posts an update on something, say, that they've broken their arm and now it's time for the cast to come off, this is NOT when you start asking, "Oh geez.  What happened?"  Because they've already SAID what happened... weeks ago.
Where were you?

When this happens, before you post a comment asking your friend to repeat old news, it is far more polite to visit that friend's page and read back a bit to catch up on all that you missed.
Chances are VERY good they've put it all there on Facebook.
Very few people (exception: teenage girls) throw up random posts with no background to them.

Don't be that annoying FB friend.

Put in a little time.
It's simple Facebook courtesy.


diamond dave said...

Or maybe it's time to examine why you have a billion friends on Facebook. Do you have that many in real life? What percentage of that billion do you actually know, or have known at one time? Do each of those billion individuals really mean something more than just a scorecard to you? How do you keep up with them all?

Just sayin'

Moogie P said...

Excellent advice. Oh, geez! How'd you break your arm? ;)

Christie Critters said...

And THIS is why I use my husband's FB account to look at pics of my new great niece...and why I blocked all Farmville from his account.

Thumper said...

Gaawwwwd.....Max has a bout a million friends and the Spouse Thingy uses his account for all those stupid games, which means I can't find *anything* on the damn cat's FB page.

I want to block them all, but apparently the cat bloggers are heavy FB gamers and he would upset people if he stopped. And I keep thinking MY CAT IS DOING THIS TO ME.

Um, yeah.

Random rant over... ;)

Roses said...

Thumper: I want to feel bad for you, but that's just too darned funny. :-)

Bou said...

It's the same thing kind of with blogging. If I go to a blog and haven't been in months and see bad stuff has happened, I read through their posts to catch me up. It's rude to ask...