Thursday, July 21, 2011

What are ya? Chicken?

You know, probably the only thing I like more than creating something I think is cool... is creating something I think is cool that other people think is cool, too.

Bou made my day with this post.

And you already know I think Andy is da bomb.

Bou and Andy, the e-mails you sent when the hats got to you were the best things... ever!
The pure unadulterate glee was like... e-mail crack.
I'm gonna keep them for a while and just read them over and over.

I can't properly explain just why your notes mean so much to me (I know I can't because I've tried and then ended up deleting those posts).
But, trust me when I say... I love you guys.


Teresa said...

LOL I just saw Bou's post last night (hadn't gotten a chance to get to any of my blog reading much lately) and it cracked me up! Great job on the chicken hat. I love it!

Andy said...

Roses, that is very sweet. Kinda' brings a tear to my eye to know that I've actually now sent an e-mail that was not offensive, or a sleep aid.

Heh! Just so you'll know, the saga of Andy's chicken hat is only just begun. I (and some friends) have big plans for my custom-made chicken hat come September. We're gonna make you famous nationwide (raises right eyebrow knowingly).

You just squat & watch...

BTW...we love you, too.

las794 said...

Love that bright yellow chicken hat!

vw bug said...

Love the hat and seeing Bou in it... worth its weight in gold!

Bou said...

Oh my Gosh. Are you kidding? Getting that hat in the mail was the funniest and best thing EVER!

I've gone so far as to think about having our entire family picture for Christmas taken in Chicken hats. But it won't work because... I'd get too much protest from everyone but Bones. Bones would wear it with me.

That Chicken hat brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. Every... time!

Mrs. Who said...

Roses, you have spread so much happiness with your chicken hats. Not only for the receivers, but for the rest of us who get to see the wonderful but hilarious results of your hard work! Thank you.