Sunday, July 10, 2011

Something Sunday - Andy's version of the Chicken Hat

It's been a while since I wrote about The Chicken Hat.
But, there are some readers here who just could. not. forget. about it. 

One of these people is Andy.

From the beginning, Andy has been determined "to get me one o' them chicken hats".
He fought hard at the 60,000 visitor countdown to be the correct visitor and win himself one.
And he missed it by that much.

Well, I thought about it.
Quite a bit, actually.
And the more I thought about it, the more I thought it'd be hilarious if Andy got a hat anyway.
Because I just knowed he'd send me a picture.

At his request, I stitched up a custom-made chicken hat in his faveOHrite team colors.
And he complemented it with a matching t-shirt.
(I'm just happy he put on a shirt.  And a clean one to boot!  Bonus!)

So, tell me, Andy...
Whaddya think?

Stay cool, man.
Maybe you aughta get outta the sun, huh?


Andy said...


When my wife saw the pitchers she said, "A chicken hat is appropriate. You've got the beak to match!"

BTW, the purple shirt was her idea.

It's an honor to own this. Really.

Moogie P said...

Aw, shoot, Roses. Now you've just gone and encouraged him!

Mrs. Who said...

Oh my goodness! First thing I look at on the internet this morning is a chicken hat. LMAO!! Roses, you do good work. Andy...I don't have the words...

Bou said...

I LOVE it!

Andy said...

Bou, it's extremely bitchin'!

Mrs. Who, I know that you are green with envy. I just know it.

Moogie, I know that Roses could make you one with your favorite team's colors. But, I don't think she does foreign nation stuff. And, you are jealous, too. I can read it in your typing. This is so way much cooler than those plastic hats with pig snouts that y'all wear.

Roses, I love me some crochet women. Imma do a post on the opening day of the only sport that really matters showing ME (in all my glory) decked out in the knittin' that crochet women have sent me. I love to see pitchers of ME on the worldwide computer!!!

I think this is one of your bestest posts EVER! Just sayin'...

Bob said...

Envy doesn't begin to express my feelings. I'd gladly wear that to my funeral.

Andy said...

Bob, I'm sure you'd look dang fine in it, too! Kinda' reminds me of that scene from "Oklahoma" where Howard Keel (I think it was him) sings "Poor Judd is dead...poor Judd Frye is dead..." (I probably got all that wrong, but it's been a long day).

I swear y'all, this thing is fabulous. I mean, it keeps your head warm in the winter, and it's purple & gold to boot!

And, this is the bestest post ever in the long history of blogs. Seriously.

vwbug said...

This made my morning. Thank you Rose for making it, Thank you Andy for sharing pictures. Love it.

paul mitchell said...

This is a great way for me to start my week off. Thanks much, y'all.

Andy said...

No problem, TD.

Buck said...

Andy: I take back what I said about you and Dubya.

Sorry for the thread-jack, Roses.

Andy said...


Anonymous said...

Andy looks a lot like the actor David Leisure. He was on Empty Nest as Harry's best friend. He was also Joe Isuzu!