Thursday, July 28, 2011


You can choose your friends, but you can't choose what they say and do.



Bou said...

No, but you gotta hope that if they are REAL friends they aren't going to say or do anything that is offensive to you or can get you in hot water. Real friends look out for each other.

Roses said...

Bou: I can't seem to get them to stop "accidentally" announcing that relatives have died before everyone gets notice.

The media (which everyone thinks has such low morals) has better manners.

Bou said...

Like on... Facebook? *gasp* Seriously?

I remember a friend of mine found out his Dad died while listening to the radio. It was horrible. And it wasn't that they weren't in touch. My friend LIVED AT HOME!

Bob said...

You know, you can also choose your "unfriends".

Roses said...

That's true, Bob, but then I'd *never* know who died.

Times like this I really miss my mom. She would always call me with important news before I'd find it on Facebook.

Roses said...

Also, I can't get them to stop "liking" ever stupid political comment posted on the internet.