Sunday, April 03, 2011

Two Word Movie Review - Source Code

Here are your two words:

Time-travel win.

The Husband and I both liked this movie so much that the day after seeing it, we kept saying, "I really liked that movie!"

Can I tell you, I hate time-travel movies. 
When poorly written, they cheat.  They lie.  And they break their own rules.
"Source Code" is not a true time-travel movie, but it kinda is.
So, I went into it prepared to be offended the moment it committed an offense.

It did not.
At least, not in my very skeptical eyes.
Maybe it's because I bonded with the Jake Gyllenhaal character too much to see any time-travel wrong-doings.  Maybe I liked the plot so much and wanted to see how it ended that I was willing to excuse any mis-steps.
Or, maybe they just got it right.

Best of all, they revealed things at just the same time I was asking the questions in my head.
I liked how this movie played out.

Stuff blows up.
You feel for Captain Stevens.
You want the good guy to win.  (And really, a character named Goodwin?  Win!)

Not only do I think this one is worth the theater ticket, I'd kinda like to go see it again.

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