Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Wearing me out

Ever notice how your least favorite socks and the most ill-fitting pairs of underwear are the ones that last the longest?
Meanwhile, all your favorite, most comfortable items wear out almost immediately?

SO unfair.


Dani said...

And you can't throw them out because they're still perfecty functional.

Miss Em said...

If it doesn't fit, I give it to someone who really needs it.

St. Vincent DePaul gets a visit on a regular schedule.

Easy to buy even easier to Give away.

Miss Em

Roses said...

Dani, you are SO right!

Lemon Stand said...

My beef is with my comfy jeans. I bought them new (without the stone washing kind of thing) and wore them for the last ten years. I bent down to pick up the laundry basket and it now has room for an air conditioner back where my butt is supposed to reside. They were SO soft and almost faded to white. It's just not fair. (although the legs are now bags that hold my clothes pins so I don't have to say goodbye) :)