Thursday, March 31, 2011

How many can I put you down for?

Okay, now that you read about the plarn grocery bag I'm attempting to create, lemme axe you this:

Would you ever buy a reusable plastic shopping bag made of used plastic shopping bags?
Let's assume it's sturdy and can easily hold a gallon of milk without stretching or breaking.
If so, what's the most you would ever pay for one?

Honestly, since I can get store-imprinted reusable bags for a buck each, I wouldn't pay more than a dollar for one.
But, since making the plarn and the bag itself is so time consuming, there's no way I'd sell one for only a dollar.
So... I'm curious.


Andy said...

The novelty of it might attract consumers of a certain mindset.

I'd say twenty bucks. No, I wouldn't buy one for twenty bucks, but it sounds like at least twenty bucks worth of labor.

Mass production would be the key, but I can't see Roses employing slave labor. So, make your boys do it. For free.

nnmlknw said...

I'd say, if it's original enough in color and design and people look at it and ask "What's that made out of?" it would be worth at least $10 (maybe for a smaller model) at most $25 ($30 for an extra large model?).

Dani said...

Weeeeeeell I'm way to lazy to bring my own bags but that is very trendy these days. Usually the ones I see are $2-4 each.

Do you have to pay for the bags? 'Cause I bet you can get people to give you theirs for free and that would cut down at least on the materials cost. For example I take 2-3 bags stuffed with other bags to be recycled every month.

DogsDontPurr said...

It's interesting that you bring this up because I was thinking of asking you if you would be willing to make a custom bag, if I supplied the bags.

The disposable bags at one of the stores I shop at has a really nice pale green bag. And another store uses black plastic bags. I have MILLIONS of these disposable bags....but I have no clue about crochet. But I think a nice pale green bag with some black worked into it might be cool...and a fabulous way to recycle these bags.

I checked out the website you linked to, and they have some cool designs. I bet you could sell these bags on Etsy or places similar for around $20 to $35 depending on size.

Roses said...

Okay, DogsDontPurr, you're making me drool. I've been saving and sorting colored bags for months to do just what you're thinking.

If I actually knew you, I'd pounce all over that. :-)

Jen said...

FWIW @ Hobby Lobby they have a little flyer that is full of ideas to do with plastic bags. They have a pattern to make a knitted/croched cuff. I think you can find more info on the Hobby Lobby web site. I think you could charge $10 - $20 for a bag.

Harvey said...

Well, I'm just gonna answer the first question.

No, I'd never buy one. I think empty plastic bags are garbage, and I throw them away.

Then again, I'd like to see at least 20% of the entire planet covered in asphalt so I can drive & park wherever I want, so I'm probably not the target audience for this post.

Mostly just chiming in to say hi :-)

Andy said...

Harvey is a man after my own heart.

Just sayin'...

However, The Mrs. is BIG on recycling. So, I struggle against my nature to just throw the dang things in the trash, and put them in another plastic bag and haul 'em to the drop station occasionally.

She doesn't ask for much, so...

Bou said...

I'm not sure what I'd pay, but can I dip it in bleach for when it gets chicken ick in it? Quick clean up instead of having to drop it in the wash?

Roses said...

Bou, I imagine you could. And since the stitching would not hold water, you could drip-dry it.

Interesting question...

Roses said...

I am finding it takes more bags than I had thought to finish one decent-sized bag.
But, so far, I am liking the way my pattern is turning out.

Pathetically enough, I've got two in progress. One ran out of bags in the right color, the other is too small and I'll have to pull it apart and start over.

As soon as I finish one, I'll post a pic.

Roses said...

P.S. to Harvey:
I'd bet if the planet *was* covered in asphalt so you could park anywhere you wanted to, you'd find there were very few places left you'd want to go to. :-(

Here, have a plastic bag bag.
It'll make you feel better.