Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three guys and a gal

I thought it was a funny story, so, frankly, I was stunned when it stopped all conversation dead:

While lunching with my boss, the chief engineer, and the new guy, it occurs to me that I am the only girl in this foursome.  We are enjoying Friday fish fry at the corner bar... which reminds me of a similar situation a couple decades ago.  So, I tell the guys this story:

"I go to this bar with three guys from work.  We're all about 20 years old.  We find a table, and while we're sitting there drinking sodas, this 30-year-old guy comes over from the bar and asks me to dance.
I say sure.
We go dance, and when I get back to the table, all three guys are all sulky.  All like, 'Dude, this guy just came over and stole the only girl we brought to dance with.'  Pout, pout."
And then I deliver the punch line:  "I never did tell them that guy was my brother."

When I stop laughing about it, I realize no one is laughing with me.
"Well," I announce, "that was a real conversation stopper."
More silence.
"What?  Did I bring up bad memories?"
"Well, Roses..."

And each one of them names a girl who'd ditched them for some other guy at a dance.

"But..." I try, "but... maybe it was her brother!"
"Ah, no."
"SO not brother and sister."


Dani said...

Well I thought it was funny.

On one of Dave and my earliest dates some old guy(60's) asked me to dance. I said okay and had lots of fun. He just wanted someone to dance with and even then Dave knew I wasn't the type who'd leave him like that.

And boo on girls who would ditch their date like that. Fine you're not hitting it off but that's no excuse for being rude.

Andy said...

I thought it was funny, too. But then, I never got ditched mid-date.

You have to have a date to get ditched, ya' know...

The Gray Monk said...

Had any of them asked you to dance? I bet not.

And probably the same to the three guys you were talking to ...

Thumper said...

Well, clearly, if those 3 guys were planning on SHARING you, then they deserved to sit at the table and watch you dance... that'll learn 'em ;)

sean said...

It would be interesting to know how old those guys you went to lunch with. What my kids tell me is that sort of thing is so 70s. Kids today supposedly don't get their panties in a wad over stuff like that, heck they mostly don't "date" the way we did anyway. Supposedly.

I don't recall ever being ditched on a date, but back in the high school and college days of the late 70s, early 80s, I went to a lot of dances with a lot of different women. Generally speaking, at some time during the dance, my "date" would get asked to dance by someone else. In most cases that was just fine, and on some occasions I asked other girls to dance than my date. Especially in high school.

I can see a guy being upset if his date abandoned him and ignored him for a significant period of time, but one dance wouldn't be that big of a deal for me. In fact it sounds like a bit of insecurity is at play here. Plus a bit of weirdness if these were three guys from work. Did all THREE of them consider you their dance property for the night? The only time I'd get "sulky" over something like that is if I had romantic designs on the girl. That makes me wonder if your three workmates weren't secretly hoping for a bit more personal relationship with you than work provided.

Personally I've always avoided any romantic entanglements with people I work with, and this situation would be one reason why.

sean said...

Heh.. this reminds me. At my first high school reunion, one of my old female friends from high school asked me to dance. So I did. My wife was steamed.

Roses said...

Again, you guys are awesome, and I wish I had a "like" button!