Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's my NAME, dammit.

Long story short, the new talk show host calls me "Rosie".
Long-time listeners are used to my name being Roses.

Okay, a small percentage of them are pissed.
But, they are a rather LOUD and RUDE and ANGRY percentage.

New Talk Host asked my permission on the air to call me Rosie.
I said yes, go ahead.  To me, it sounds friendly, familiar, and shows a level of comfort between two people.

Ever since, people have been calling the studio, calling my boss, posting on Facebook for crimeny sake, about how "offensive" and "demeaning" the name "Rosie" is.

Yesterday, an old woman called the studio and used nasty language to express how upset she was over the issue.


Let's go back to my post about makeup.
Am I missing something here?
Am I supposed to be offended by the name Rosie?
Because I'm not.

Half of me wants to give in and tell New Talk Host to go back to just plain "Roses" in order to stop the hysteria.
Half of me wants to say screw you, it's my NAME, dammit, mind your own friggin' business.  I'm not offended, what's your problem?

Your thoughts?


Andy said... that is interesting, Rosie. I mean, it's not like the new host asked if he could call you "She-Devil," or "Miserable Witch!"

It would be interesting to find out if these complainers have some particular political, or social views that cause them to recoil at the name in maybe O'Donnell.

If so, they've got some real issues to deal with.

When I hear the name Rosie, I always think of either Rosie The Riveter, or my beloved Rosie Mae Winston (an ill-educated black lady that half-raised me and my siblings).

Honestly, Roses, I think that there are WAY too many people with nothing to do, and all day to do it. They sit around just waiting to find something to complain about.

It's your name, Dammit!

Interesting, Roses. Very interesting...

Dani said...

People are frightened by change. Also some people aren't happy unless they've got something to complain about. If it wasn't this it would be something else.

If you don't mind it I don't think you should ask him to stop. I'd go with the mind your own business angle. Maybe you can make a funny little bit giving all the names you've gone by over the years (I'm assuming like most of us you've had a few nicknames)

Thumper said...

I hear the name Rosie and I automatically go to "O'Donnell." But I'm not offended by her, so I'd lose the association pretty quick...but there are a lot of narrow minded people out there who despise her, and if they're making that association, they're going to balk.

If it's a small percentage, I'd ignore it. If it's small enough, make fun of 'em on the air. That'll learn 'em ;)

Andy said...

Yeah, I think Dani & Thumper are on to something.

You might be able to make a big funny deal out of the controversy somehow.

CosmicConservative said...

One thing to consider is that putting an "ie" on a name is technically a diminutive. Meaning it is the sort of thing you see with children and pets. So, for example, if your name was "Pete" then as a child you were likely called "Petie" from time to time. People who are upset about hearing you called "Rosie" are possibly just misinterpreting the change as the new talk show host condescending to you by using a diminutive form of your name.

In a sense it is probably a compliment. They believe they are coming to your defense.

Over time if you let it continue, people will get used to it.

When Jimmy Carter was President, there was an actual uproar over having a President going by a "child's" name. It is fairly common to hear political figures diminished by using the diminutive form of their name as a deliberate pejorative.

You should be glad that you listeners care that much about whether you are being condescended to, even if there is no actual condescension.

Andy said...

Cosmic, that did not even cross my mind. But, you're right. Maybe some listeners are picking up on that as a diminutive.

I remember the Jimmy Carter thing, too. I thought it was pretty foolish...but I do remember it.

I'll let Rosie decide whether it's a compliment or not that others find it in bad taste. I mean, it is her name, dammit! But, it's very interesting to me that people really have taken the time to express even mild outrage over it.

Roses said...

Andy: You probably have something there. Being the day after the elections, most everyone who called was either so happy they couldn't stop boasting or so angry they hated everything... including sweet, little old me.

Dani and Thumper: I have threatened, on my work Facebook account, to have New Talk Host call me nothing but "Toots" if this petty fussing doesn't stop.

CosmicC: You have also made a great point. Several complainers have told me "Rosie" is not as dignified as "Roses".

And I get that. I really do.

But I will never understand the old biddy who was SO offended by me NOT being offended that she had to call and yell offensive names at me. WTF?

CosmicConservative said...

Roses, that old lady most likely had some deeply hurtful event in her past that was triggered by the sudden "Rosie" switch. Perhaps she felt you weren't appreciative of the lesson she thinks she learned and wanted to teach you.

I dunno, maybe she's just nutzo.

Harvey said...

With blogging, my standard advice is that it's your blog, and you can do whatever the hell you want to with it because it's YOURS.

The "it's YOURS" rule obviously applies here, so yeah, you're right & the cranky people should just go find something else to go be cranky about. Which they'll do, eventually.

Meanwhile get all your names put on your coffee cup to celebrate:

Richmond said...

I like it when he calls you Rosie... It suits you and works well with the flow of the show...

And hey - just so long as I don't have to be "Richie" it's all good... ;)

Bou said...

Do they KNOW that you gave him permission? If not, I think they're being territorial with you. New guy shows up, gets your name all wrong, doesn't bother to correct it, comes across as disrespectful to them because they love YOU, they know YOUR name, why has he not bothered to learn yours and why is he not correcting his mistake.

That's my take. Even if he gave permission, I suspect they are still territorial about you and think they are defending you.

That said... they kind of need to get a life. *sheesh*