Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kiss and Makeup

Men don't usually talk to me about my makeup, but on the rare occasion that they do, I always hear this comment:

"I didn't think you wore any makeup."

I've been taking this as a compliment.
The way I hear it:  I thought you were that attractive naturally.

But, maybe I should be offended?
Maybe they mean:  Most girls who wear makeup look prettier than you do.

Ladies, do you ever hear this from men?
Guys, if you found out a gal didn't wear makeup, what thoughts go through your mind?


Teresa said...

I never know what to think when someone tells me that. Is it good or bad? Are they secretly thinking... lady go find some makeup and cover that mess. LOL. I don't do much makeup, but I do some so it's a bit disconcerting.

Roses said...

Teresa, I'm with you. I don't wear a lot of makeup. I figure if people can tell you're wearing makeup, you're defeating the purpose.

Andy said...

I'm not a big fan of makeup. Down south where I live, most gals won't even run to the gas station without putting on some makeup...might run in to somebody they know, and all.

But, I don't find it all that attractive. I have said to a lady before, "I didn't think you wore makeup." And, it is a compliment when it comes from me. I think it would be from just about any man.

Dani said...

I assume it's a complement. You're doing it so well that it just looks natural.

I get your confusion though. I alway wonder the same thing when someone tells me "Wow you look thin." (Happens a lot in spring, actually I'm just not wearing a sweater) I mean yeah I've lost weight from time to time but never THAT much. Have they just been thing of me as a big ol fatty?

CosmicConservative said...

My wife wears very little makeup, and doesn't color her hair, which at age 48 is still raven-black.

I personally find obvious make-up to be unattractive. Especially when it's done in clown-face, where you can see that the makeup has been applied where it is visible from a mirror, frequently leaving a visible line where the makeup ends, looking remarkably like a mime from the side.

If I said something like that to you it would be a compliment meaning "you look nice without makeup". Anyone who would mean "You would look better in makeup" and makes a comment like that to a woman (or a man for that matter) is a cad.

Christie Critters said...

I would take it as a compliment if it was said to me and mean it as a compliment if I said it to someone else. When I finally stopped wearing makeup I was able to stop seeing a dermatologist for breakouts (at age 35)...

Harvey said...

To be clear, no man who ever says "I didn't think you wore any makeup" EVER means it as "most girls who wear makeup look prettier than you do".

If they follow it with "you ought to"... well, then THAT part does.

Andy said...

Harvey is right. Just speaking for myself, it is ALWAYS a compliment to a lady.

Lemon Stand said...

I had to laugh. Harvey said it best. Too funny. I rarely wear makeup and when I do my husband teases me with Harvey's almost exact words!

Bou said...

Yeah, Harvey is right. I only hang out with guys (comes with the job) and all the men I know aren't big on girls with make up. They like girls to be more natural looking. So your original take is more than likely right... 99% sure... they mean it as you're naturally pretty.

I put on make up every day as I have a bad skin condition and I try to hide it. But its just base with powder and maybe a swipe with eyeliner and a little lip color... that's it. Overall, I'm not heavily made up. So two years ago, I went into school to pay bills before I went to work (I was the treasurer) and I must've put my lip color on early. I usually put it on in the parking lot as I go to work, but I must've put it on before school. This tall fake blonde, heavily made up, Mom who only wears the latest and greatest clothes came up to me and said, 'Ooooooh! Look! You're wearing make up! Now, don't you feel so much better?"

THAT was NOT a compliment and I hold a LONG LONG grudge. The only thing that has saved her is the fact my IQ is 40 points higher than hers and I take pity on the terminally stupid. (She meant it as an insult...)

And my reply to her was "I wear make up every day, Hope" to which she said, "REALLY?" and I replied, "You're just not observant." And I walked out.