Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you who weren't here when I wrote it four years ago, I kindly invite you to spend Thanksgiving Dinner with the mother-in-law.

I haven't written about the mother-in-law much in recent years.  So, some of you might not be familiar with her lovely quirks.  After being away from her for half a decade, even *I* start to wonder what was SO wrong with her... but a quick visit slaps me back to reality right fast.

While she won't be joining us for dinner this year, we will be stopping in to see her on the way to The Husband's family gathering today.
Believe me, it is a blessing to be able to walk away.
For this, I give thanks.



vw bug said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dani said...

I much preffer the family we make for ourselves. My inlaws aren't bad but my own family...yikes!

Happy Thanksgiving Roses. I hope it's a mellow day with no frustration at all.

Thumper said...

My relatives are why I like the fact that the Spouse Thingy always works on Thanksgiving ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Gray Monk said...

Happy Thanksgiving.