Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guess what this is!

News chick pre-recorded some of her news yesterday afternoon.
To remind me, she wrote a nice note:

She admitted that she wrote it in a hurry, and she wondered if I recognized what this was:

I did immediately.
Do you?

Not that I expect you to study and memorize every one of my posts, but this particular image was discussed within the past month.  Can you identify what it is?


Dani said...

Is it a bowl of kittens? It kinda looks like kitten flavored Ramen noodles.

roses said...

Good, Dani!
But, it's a bowl of kittens... and?

Lemon Stand said...

I HAD to come back because it is obvious that I missed an important post and if I weren't busy cooking I would search. Instead, I'll just come back again and again until someone takes pity on me and divulges the mystery that is... um... this picture?

Seriously tho', Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Roses said...


Andy said...

Yeah, I remember it. It was the post about political attack ads. You said you'd probably be accused of eating a bowl of kittens in milk with a fork...or something like that.

It was a funny comment stream, too, if I recall.

Roses said...

You got it, Andy!

Bowl of kittens... with milk... and a fork.

But, Dani loosened the jar for you. ;)

Andy said...

Indeed she did.

Gals are good at that.