Monday, July 05, 2010

Timing is everything!

When this happened Thursday afternoon, I had two simultaneous thoughts:
1)  Crap!
2)   Hey, this reminds me of that other time...

The 4:30pm news had just ended, and I was sharing with the newswoman a "human interest" story about maggots on a plane.  Apparently, someone boarding an airliner was found to be carrying a container of rotting meat teaming with maggots.  Hysteria ensued.  The plane had to return to its gate to unload its passengers.
Witty banter between the newswoman and me, and I went to commercial.
The commercial I hit was for a local grocery store.  And guess what they were promoting?
Their meat department.



The studios at WXXX (the first radio station foolish enough to hire me... for pay) were lined up so that if you stood in the FM studio, you could look through the glass and see into the news room, through the news room window into the AM studio, and beyond that into the production room.  Most evenings during my shift, there would be a DJ two rooms away in the AM studio.
One night, as I was minding my own business, the AM jock made such a racket I could hear him all the way down the hall.  Peering through the windows, I saw him rocking back and forth with laughter.  He waved me over.

The city in which we were located had several lovely tourist attractions.  Part of the WXXX programming included a public service announcement pointing out the many things to enjoy in town.  Each announcement was 60 seconds long and loaded onto a tape that rotated the announcements... so, each feature got equal play time, and you wouldn't hear the same one twice in a row.  This also meant that the DJ had no idea which announcement was going to play next.

When I walked into the AM studio to see what was so funny, one of these announcements was playing.  It was the one featuring the hotels.
"Guess which song I played just before this announcement," the DJ said.

It had been "Third Rate Romance; Low Rent Rendevous."

Hey, I can't make this stuff up.

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Dani said...

Ya know that quote about how beer if proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy? Well I don't drink beer but I do think moments like this are proof that the universe has a sence off humor.