Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flip Flop

I don't "get" flip flops.
I don't like shoving things between my toes, for one.
But mostly I don't like having stuff slap the bottom of my feet.
It hurts, and it sounds stupid.

I can see where flip flops have their place at the beach, poolside, or dragging garbage bags to the curb.

But, why do women wear these things as business casual?
Several women at my church wear them to Sunday services.  (Just this weekend, one mom got embarassed looks from her kids as she slap-slap-slapped up the aisle during prayers.)
I've seen many women walk down the street in flip flops.  That simply can't be comfortable.  There's no arch support.  And there's that thing between your toes!

"I want to go barefoot, but what if I step on a nail."
Wear sandals.  They don't smack your foot like a Catholic nun.

I don't get it.
Can you explain it?


Dani said...

OMG OMG OMG! I have been saying the same thing for YEARS! Flip Flops are not office appropriate nor are they formal wear!

I love Roses! Lets start a petition!

Thumper said...

Not only are they borderline stupid, they're not good for your feet. That annoying toe wedgy can actually damage a nerve in your foot. The ONLY good thing about them is that when I was a kid they were called thongs, and I someday when my son and his friends and around, I want to be able to announce that I bought some really sweet looking thongs...

Christie Critters said...

I live and work in Southern California where many young people don't even own "shoes". They try to go everywhere including Chem lab with flip flops - a very dangerous thing - and luckily the profs are hard core about not allowing it.

julier said...

My mom and my teenage son and I were at the mall and my mom said "look at all those old ladies wearing thongs". My son looked so confused! and shocked!

Priscilla said...

Yep Christie, here in So Cal we wear the flip flops. And Thumper, I still call them thongs. And me? I have a dozen or so pair. Some are pretty with rhinestones etc and I wear them to work all the time. Pretty much all year round too!

I love the slap slap sound and since it's so hot here my feet stay cool and I can kick them off and go barefoot whenever.

You do get used to the between the toe thing ifin you wear them enough.