Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Light of my Life

My cousin woke up early with me that morning.
We had several errands to run.
We had to have our hair done, pick up the flowers, and have our dresses fitted for the final time before driving two hours to the church.

My cousin was my maid of honor, you see.

It was a grand morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing.
And I couldn't eat a thing.
Oh, I was hungry enough, but I just could not eat.

I eventually dumped most of my bowl of Life Cereal into the trash.
We stopped at Taco Bell later, and after a bite or two, I discarded that, as well.
Three hours later, up the street from the church, a delicious A&W burger suffered the same fate.
Just nerves.

My cousin was patient, supportive, and very amused.

Eventually, everything turned out just fine.
Here we are 18 years later, after all.

But I'll never forget the epiphany I had in the car with my new husband (how very odd that word sounded at the time!) as we drove to DisneyWorld on our honeymoon. I recounted to him the hours leading up to our wedding ceremony starting with my bowl of cereal.

"There I sat," I told him. "with my Life before me, and I just couldn't swallow it."


Andy said...

Nyuk! Good one, Roses...

Thumper said...

Funny, and oddly very profound...

Dani said...

Aaaaaaaaw. Congratulations!

Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary and may you have many more. LOL.

RIchmond said...

God luv ya and many more!! :)