Monday, February 15, 2010


The Husband cut out the coupons from the Sunday paper and sorted them into my coupon cozie.
(I don't know what possessed him, but he did.)

"Where would you file soup?" he asked.
"With Pasta/Rice, because they're in the same aisle at the store.  I should probably relabel that Pasta/Rice/Soup."

"Where do you file batteries?" he asked.
"That would be Miscellaneous."

"Brownie Mix?"

Then Mr. SmartGuy smirks and askes me, "What about Trojans?  File as Candy/Snacks?"
"Of course not.  File it as Meat."


Arwen said...

Almost to 40K!! I thought you mentioned your sis had a Caring Bridge site and I was looking for the link and couldn't find it. Was I making that up?

Also, lmao at meat!!

Roses said...

Arwen: I said I'm mention CaringBridge to her. If she made one, she didn't tell me either! We're all keeping up with e-mail and Facebook.

Priscilla said...


Roses: 1
Hubs: sure to win too!

Thumper said...

There are coupons for horses big enough to hide men in? Wowsa... ;)

bx19 said...

Trojans....the curse of the PC!
File 'em under Virus!!

Lemon Stand said...

LOL! That's just funny!