Thursday, August 27, 2009

You're welcome

I know.
You meant to say "Thank you."

But, you were on the phone, and trying to parallel park.
And when I tapped on your passengerside window to let you know you were parking in a spot that was not actually a parking space, your friend (who couldn't have taken the phone while you drove, nor looked me in the eye after she rolled down the window I'd tapped on) was absolutely no help to you and left the responsibility fully in your busy lap.

So, I do understand that all you really had the energy to shriek at me was, "I park here all the time!"

You were very busy. I know. And the beer wasn't going to drink itself if you didn't get there soon.

It almost made me feel bad for calling the cops and reporting your car's ass hanging into the intersection.


bx19 said...

I never phone while drinking and trying to park in an inappropriate just draws attetion!!!!!

bx19 said...

keyboard f1 to resume...
miseed "n" from "attenion"...duh!!!

bx19 said...

delete "e" add"s" lol