Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pop Quiz

Males are physically incapable of:

a) detecting the stench of their own poo
b) operating an aerosal can of air freshener
c) all of the above

Am I the only person in this house who passes out walking the halls near a bathroom?
C'mon, people!


Arwen said...

Oh, NOT fun! Luckily for me, Tom is very good at his own odors...the litter boxes are another story, though...

leeann said...

When males do detect the scent of their own spoor, they are even more proud of it. It's like marking territory using skywriting.

Bob said...

d) figuring out why their wives aren't aroused by their contributions to the bathroom's ambiance.

(LeeAnn hit the nail on the head. I do worry about Arwen's husband, Tom. How she litter-box trained him is a mystery.)

Mrs. Who said...

My ex used to weigh himself before and after the 'poo'...so he could tell folks how much it weighed. Stink was just a bonus for him.

Cappy said...

He (she, it) who smelt it, dealt it.

The Gray Monk said...

Try installing an automatic airfreshner!

Arwen said...

Bob - seriously, it's early in the office and not too many people are here and I laughed so hard that some of them actually came over to my desk to find out what was so funny. :)

Priscilla said...

My co-worker sprays so much air freshener that it chokes me and I have to open the doors for hours. HOURS!!

I guess on the plus side, he doesn't want anyone to smell his poo.

Which must be memorable considering the amount of spray used to cover it.

I guess.