Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unanswered question

Why can't the bottle of Worchestershire Sauce keep its balance in the condiment shelf in my fridge?
It's wider at the bottom. It should remain upright.
Yet, it continues to fall over and inhibit my ability to place other bottles on that shelf.

What madness of science am I missing?


leeann said...

Worchestershire sauce, as you know, is made with anchovies. Being fish, their very molecules are still futilely trying to swim and they wobble around in the bottle and knock it over with their tiny molecular fins.
Also, being a woman you should know this... gravity hates us.

Thumper said...

Perhaps its lack of balance is a metaphor for your life??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you left the Schnapps next to it and it is drunk now?

seriously though - If you find out let me know - mine does the same thing.

Arwen said...

I've long since believed that fridge contents have a mind of their own. A very, evil, ice-cream multiplying mind.