Friday, June 19, 2009

Gender-Heavy Families

Climbing the steps to the Mount Rushmore monument last summer, I glanced to my right to see another family trudging next to us. The father was closest to me surrounded by his My Pretty Pony/Hannah Montana brood.

I got his attention. “Please tell me,” I said, gesturing to his pretty wife and pink, frilly daughters, “that at least your dog is a boy.”

He blinked at me, glanced to his family, and gave me a quizzical look.

I waved an arm toward my own Guitar Hero/lumberjack family and offered by way of explanation, “Our cat is a male.” Then pointed at myself and shrugged.

He laughed and replied, “No. Our dog is a girl, too.”

“I’m so sorry.”



Andy said...

Ha! Roses, I know what you're saying. My wife always says "I had four boys, because I wanted ONE girl."

I grew up in a family like that, too. There were so many males in our family that we just barely had a mother.

The Gray Monk said...

And it's all down to the father .....

Rave said...

Heh- on my side of my family- it's mostly girls.

On the hubby's side....there are mostly FIL has 27 grandkids- only four are girls.

bx19 said...

Before we went our sepeste ways, I lived in a house full of females!

Wife, three daughters and, yes, a female Scotch terrier!!

Now I live in an all male house, Just Meeeeee!!

bx19 said...

oops!! that should read *seperate*.
Guess that last dram went straight to the keyboard :)

Tina said...

My two brothers are the only boys in our generation. The oldest one has 5 boys, the other one has 2. There's only 1 girl in the group. Guess that family name will continue for a while.

Lee Ann said...

I keep telling my husband he's the lone cock in the henhouse. Me, daughter, 2 female dogs. It's good to be head of the harem! :)

Harvey said...

I'm the youngest of 8.

Only one sister.