Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Phone. Keys. Purse.

As producer for our radio station's local talk show host, I get to hear from several politicians, celebrities, and experts in many health fields.

One day, the in-studio guest was speaking about ADHD and similar disorders. Well, you know how you imagine you have symptoms once someone starts describing them? During a commercial break, I thought I should ask a few questions for myself.
I explained to the guest how I used to be organized, but now I can't leave the house without going back two or three times to retrieve things I've forgotten.

"If I don't say outloud, 'Phone. Keys. Purse.' I will forget one of them," I said.
He replied, "You have children?" (It was more of a statement than a question.)
I answered, "Yes." (It was more of a question than a statement.)
He nodded. "You're perfectly normal."


Pizza Girl said...

I know exactly how you feel. I'm so glad mine are done with the diaper bag because it would be, "Phone. Keys. Purse. Sippy. Diapers. Wipeys. Change of Clothes. Paci. Child."

Carmen said...

LOL! So true

Dani said...

Lol. This explains so much.

Rave said...

Phone. Keys. Purse. Where was I going again?

Bob said...

Back when I was a kid (one of eight), whenever we'd go anywhere Mom was just happy to get a full headcount.