Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Five

Five thing you'll see around my house that make perfect sense to me, but will make you go "Hm."

1) There's a small bath towel draped over the clothes hanging in my closet - This is because I also have clothes stacked on the shelves above my hanging clothes, and when I reach up to grab something, I tend to rub deodorant from my armpits onto my jacket shoulders. This isn't a problem so much in the winter when I'm wearing sleeves, but, well, it's just so much work to put the towel away in the off season...

2) In the corner of the diningroom, there's a mesh laundry bag lying on its side with a foam pillow in it - This is the the cat's bed. Like most of the cat's things, he chose it, not us. One laundry day it was a clothes basket; the next, it was a cat bed. Go figure.

3) Look down the hallway and down at the end you will see an over-stuffed couch cushion propped up against the wall - This, also, is cat related. It keeps me from killing the little bugger. One night, the cat discovered that pawing at Elder Son's closed bedroom door causes the door to rattle and wake up the husband and me. And we play this game called Chase The Kitty. Because if we do not catch the kitty, he will wait until we've fallen back asleep and paw at the door again. So, at night, we lean the cushion against the door to keep it from rattling. And in the morning, we lean it back against the wall so Elder Son can get out of his room. We could carry it back to the couch each day, but then we'd forget it until the cat feels like playing at 2am.

4) Two water pistols next to the kitchen sink - Again, cat related. (Perhaps none of this is odd to other pet owners?) When we catch the cat on the dinner table (which isn't often but he does it once in a great while when he forgets we're home and jumps up there like I'm sure he does all day when we're gone), we grab a pistol and shoot him. Although most of the time we can just hiss like the sound of a squirt gun, and he runs for cover. So, usually, by the time we actually reach for one of the guns, they've leaked dry and aren't any good anyway.

5) Ask if there will be rain and the husband will walk up and down the stairs - You'll have to read this.


Thumper said...

We gave up trying to keep the cats off the table a long time ago. As long as they don't jump up there when anyone is actually eating, it's all good. We just use a lot of bleach to clean it and the counters.

Fortunately, they learned quickly that when a person is eating, there's no getting on the table.

Now if I could just keep them off my face at night...

Priscilla said...

Just one more reason why I don't like cats.

Wait, make that 4 more reasons.

Did your cat discover panyhose? Because my last one did, tore them up and growled like a dog if I got near him.


Richmond said...

Yep - dogs just aren't that creative with "games" - mine would rather sleep... ;)

Dani said...

I'm gonna have to say all the cat stuff is pretty normal. As normal as cat stuff can be.