Tuesday, February 03, 2009

E-knee Me-knee My-knee Snow!

As we ate supper, the husband wondered aloud if we were in for some snow.
"I'm gonna go check the weather," he declared, and he left the table to go to the basement.

The husband is a newsman not a weatherman. (Nor a Wxman, as Richmond's husband is called.)
Still, the husband can predict the weather.
Quite accurately, actually.

Several years ago, his knees started to hurt more some days than others. And the fluctuation of the pain did not seem to correlate with any activity or non-activity on his part.

But, a few months ago, it occurred to him... rain.
A day or two before rain, knee hurt.
Rain ended, pain gone.
The same for snow.

And the level of pain announced how much precipitation was coming.
Little pain, little rain.
More pain, inches of snow.

So, tonight, when the husband walked downstairs, he wasn't going to check The Weather Channel, nor was he going to log onto Weather.com. He was testing out the knee on the staircase.
"Feels like the snow's gonna miss us."
"Yup," I replied. "The forecast said it might swing to the east."
"Told ya."

Who needs a stupid groundhog, I ask you.


DogsDontPurr said...

I love to blame all my ails on the weather: I'm sure that atmospheric pressure is responsible when I gain a pound. It's the atmosphere weighing down me! When I'm cranky, it's because of the negative ions brought on by the Santa Ana winds.

I'm being somewhat silly, but I don't discount the fact that our bodies can really be affected by the weather. I can feel it all too often in my bones!

Richmond said...

Heh - between his knee and my shoulders we could do good! ;)

Priscilla said...

My mother can also accurately predict the weather and how much of it.

I like the element of surprise.