Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas gifts that rocked the Ack! Thbbbt! House

(I realize this post is several weeks late, but I was busy. So, sue me.)

Both of my boys gave me fuzzy, colorful socks to wear around the house.
One pair is super warm; the other pair is super girlie.
They are both totally awesome!


Younger Son received a Razor Ripstick. He'd been begging for one ever since we gave him a skateboard for his birthday. (Yes, the skateboard he wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole after one week of riding it. So, you understand our hesitancy in buying him a fancy, nancy, expensive new skateboard.)
Two weeks before Christmas, the Ripsticks went on sale.
At nearly half price.
So, we decided to go for it.
They were sold out at the first store.
At the second store, they were $5 more, but there were three red ones left. We grabbed one.
The third store had many Ripsticks in several different colors... for full price. No sale. We were very happy with the one we got.
And so was Younger Son. He was so excited, he rode it around the small patch of basement floor that's not carpeted.


Elder Son got a computer game he'd been lusting over.
As he carried it to the computer, we called out, "Bye, son! Been nice spending time with you."

We didn't see him for a week.


The husband and I gave each other practical gifts.
He gave me a clock/radio, so I can wake up gently every morning to lovely music instead of being jarred awake by a grating buzzer.
I gave him two car window scrapers; a small one and a big, manly one.
The husband is unable to speak of his big, manly ice scraper without grunting.

The Windshield Fairy will need a new name.


I also spent three days lounging on the couch.
And not feeling guilty about it one bit.


It truly was a good Christmas.


Bob said...

With that kind of weaponry and those grunts, maybe the Windshield Fairy ought to be re-dubbed the Windshield Samurai.

Roses said...

Bob: The Windshield Samurai approves your suggestion. :-)

Richmond said...

The Rip Stick still boggles my mind - I don't know how they ride them!