Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot lovin'

We've been leaving the thermostat set low to save money.
So, this morning dressing for warmth, I put on my big, honkin' bath robe. Then, I leaped into the kitchen, robe a flying, and declared, "I. AM. SUPERMOM!"

The husband eyeballed my outfit (sweat pants, fluffy socks, old sweatshirt and robe) and replied, "Honey, you are dressed so not sexy right now."

With a flare, I wrapped my robe tightly around myself.
"You want sexy? You gotta turn on the heat in the winter."


Thumper said...

There is no sexy during winter. Who wants to be sexy when your entire body is all nipply? I'm thinking it takes a lot more than just turning the heat on...

Plus, I like saying the word nipply. Nipply.


Mrs. Who said...

So...did your husband turn on the heat so you wouldn't be all nipply? (I like saying nipply, too!)

Bob said...

Y'all mean "nippy" -- it's a tetch nippy in here.

Rave said...

No- NIPPLY. It IS a word...it means the girls are a freezin!

I like to say 'colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra'....which is how it is in my o0ffice right now....nipply...and colder than a witch's...oh, you get the idea..