Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is this a tuna melt?

Lightly toasted marble rye.
Slice of American cheese.
Cold tuna salad.

Is this a tuna melt?
Where's the melty part?

The temperature topped out at 37 degrees yesterday, so when the husband and I walked the two blocks to our favorite lunch spot, I craved a yummy warm sandwich.
But, my tuna was cold.
The cheese was kinda stuck to the warm toast, but the tuna was cold.

Is there something about needing to serve tuna cold?
Am I a complete savage for taking half of my sandwich back to work and warming it up in the microwave?

Is this a tuna melt?


Christina said...

If you want warm and yummy from your head to your toes, we are seriously going to have to get you a nice carne guisada.

Once you have one, you will never have to worry about cold tuna again...

; )

Thumper said...

Ugh. Tuna. Hot or cold, it's still cat food...

(Spouse Thingy, however, would agree with you. It's not melty if it's cold, even though he prefers cold tuna)

bx19 said...

Maybe you should just wait for the Spring thaw!!

Richmond said...

Uck. :( Bad sandwich.

Carmen said...

Dude. That's just wrong on so many levels....