Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Old News

There's this thing in the media called a "slow news day".
This is when there is no "new" news to report. Yes, there's a war, yes, there's a freakin' election going on, yes, the auto plant in your town is still closing and people are still losing jobs. But, really, you can only report the same story just so many times before people start beating you over the head with rolled up newspapers and shouting, "We know! We know! What else have you got?"
(You know you do.)

So, it is on slow news days that you will hear about the world's fattest potbellied pig and the kid who can spell every word in the dictionary backwards while playing Nintendo.

Today, Tammy found a real winner.

Even I am scratching my head...


Bob said...

Getting off your duff will help you get in shape? Golly, that may be worth a try!

tammi said...

I have to admit...even *I* am starting to enjoy these "slow news days".....I've decided instead of lettin' them tick me off, I'm just gonna make fun of 'em.

"Rant and you look like a zealot. Laugh and the world laughs with you" (or some such nonsense)