Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Media coverage in an election year

It is becoming clear that it's time to dig out this old post about fair and balanced media coverage.
Please, read it before you write that letter to the editor. I'm trying to save you some embarrassment.

Also, to those who complain that "mainstream media" is missing important news events, please do me a favor and review how many "mainstream media" you consult... and which types. Some favor Republicans, some favor Democrats (and if you beg to differ, just think about how po'd you get with the way some of them nit-pick your candidate). The Daily Show, however, favors *comedy* by magnifying the truth to the point of ridicule... at least, it's funny until they focus on your candidate, of course.

The only way to get the "fair and balanced" coverage you want is to consult several sources and then average out the news you get. In fact, (as controversial as it seems) you could even go do your own research! *gasp*

And if your only source of news is independent, then hello Jerry.

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Richmond said...

Yup - well said...