Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Library BadAss - that's me

I ask my librarian to purchase a lot of books.
Because I am too cheap to buy them for myself.
But, she purchases a lot of my requests, anyway.

I felt kinda funny about the library buying things just for me, so I hunted down the head librarian the other day.
"Thank you for getting this book (and this book and this book...) for me," I said. "But if I ever request stuff that no one's ever going to read but me, you can tell me to forget it."
"Don't worry," she replied. "I'm not afraid to say no."
"Because I know I can be pretty intimidating..."
"Oh, I know. Very scary."

I think she was mocking me...


joyce said...

Oh, you are a naughty girl !

roses said...

Joyce: You know it! (Wanna see my evil eye?)