Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Mother-in-law visit

Visited the mother-in-law this Sunday.
Drove for four hours to spend two and a half hours with her.
She was almost pleasant.
As a greeting (after we'd been on the road for two long hours), she said, "I had just given up on you! I thought you weren't coming!"

Not "how was the drive", or "did you have trouble", or even a simple "hello" or "oh, there you are!"

Other than that, she was okay.


I am pleased to announce that the new makeup I purchased last month is extraodinary! It passed the mother of all tests:
The Mother-In-Law Test.

::drumroll please::
Not once did she tell me I look tired.



On the way home, the boys were bored out of their minds and began to behave as bored brothers do.
"Stop touching..."
"I'm not technically touching..."
"Keep your hands to yourself."
"I'm not using my hands..."

Various grunts and slaps and uncomfortable giggles continued to emit from the backseat until the husband had enough.
He yelled (at random) at Younger Son. "Behave yourself!"
"What?!?" Offended for being picked out when both were obviously guilty. "I'm not!"
"You're not... behaving yourself?"


This morning I told the husband I slept poorly last night.
Lost a couple hours of sleep for no real reason except over-active brain.
"Post traumatic syndrome?" he suggested. "From visiting my mother?"


Richmond said...

Yay makeup success!! :)

buckycatt said...

Now do share the name of this fabulous makeup that makes one look awake at work during the day.

vw bug said...

yaa makeup! Yaa funny hubby.