Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Family Photos

Since we're talking about dressing alike...

We (the family) went in for church photos for the new directory.

The family ahead of us was wearing their Sunday best:
Mom wore a nice dress.
Dad had on his good suit.
Son was wearing his best (unwrinkled) polo shirt.
Daughter's sweater was lovely.

The photographer took several shots of two different poses.

We walked in all wearing white shirts and blue jeans.
The husband and boys each wore a black tie.
I had a chunky black necklace.

The photographer took one look at us and saw we were ready to play.
We got six different poses.
Several shots were very silly.... very us.

We bought more than we really needed.


As we lined up for the photographer, he looked puzzled.
"Where's the other one? Isn't the little girl in the lobby with you?"
"No," I said. "She's wearing the wrong color. We had to ditch her."


After the photo shoot, we were ushered aside to view the proofs and select our purchases.
We had the option of taking home a sheet of proofs to look over and order from later, or, if we ordered right then and there, we'd get a 30% discount.

This was not lost on our boys.

"So," observed Younger Son, "we can take our time to think about it and pay more, or we can not think about it at all and pay less?"

The photographer was amused.

We are so proud!


Richmond said...

I wanna see!! Yay!

Bob said...

Cricket has snatched the pebble.