Monday, March 24, 2008

The Perfect Match

Tammy wants to know how many t-shirts are too many?

My answer is: this many.

The husband and I were stupid enough to be camp counselors the first summer we were married. We never did that again, but we were high on love hormones and weren't thinking clearly that year.

At the time, we'd been working together long enough to have accumulated several free t-shirts from events our radio station had either sponsored or promoted. Did I say several t-shirts? I mean we had a boatload of t-shirts.

And since we worked together, most of the shirts were identical.

I don't remember which one of us came up with the idea, but we both agreed it would be a hoot if we wore nothing but matching t-shirts for the entire week at camp.

So, we did.

The day we arrived, we matched.
At breakfast the first morning, we matched.
After post-swim showers, we matched.

On the second morning, the kids started to ask how many t-shirts we'd brought.
"A lot," was our answer.

On the third day, we were greeted with exasperated shouts of "Oh my god! Again?"

By day four, one of the girls in my group told me, "I think you guys might need help."

But on the fifth day, the other counselors started to smirk.

You see, on the list of things to bring to camp, next to sleeping bag, flashlight, and mosquito repellant, was... dress-up clothes for Friday night dinner.

"Whaddaya gonna do? Wear matching dresses?" the counselors taunted.
The kids joined in, "Hah! You can't wear t-shirts tonight! You can't match!"
We only smiled and shrugged, "I guess you've got us there."

On Friday night, all the kids were assembled in the dining hall in their Sunday best. It was tradition for the counselors to enter separately. The husband and I waited until we knew all the kids were in the hall before we approached the door where the counselors convened.

The other counselors turned as we walked up and one by one, they laughed and applauded.
"Very nice!"
"Too much!"

They agreed the two of us should be the last to enter the diningroom.

The doors opened.
As the counselors walked in, the kids applauded. Each group of campers cheered loudly as their own leader entered.

The husband and I waited just one. dramatic. extra. moment...
And stepped into the doorway.

The hall erupted!
The kids stood and applauded.
The adults laughed and cheered.

Framed in the doorway, the husband and I...
wearing the one, very dressy outfit we wore for special radio events...
matching black slacks...
button-up white shirts...
black bow ties...
Tuxedo. Jackets.
With tails.

As I took my seat with my group of kids, they patted me on the back.
"That is awesome!"
"You guys are funny!"
"I never thought you'd match!"

And that one girl leaned over and earnestly said, "I'm serious. You guys need help!"


wRitErsbLock said...

you crack me up!

Lee Ann said...

I love it!

I have a favorite picture of my DH and I when we were first dating. We went to St Pete and the Dali mueseum for the day, played tourist. We wore matching t-shirts, matching shorts, belts, even sneakers.

It was the best day! And I still smile at that picture.

Congratulations! That was fabulous!

Oddybobo said...

That is a hoot!

The hubby will change if we are even in the same color. He refuses to match me unless we are in uniform for the fire department. Even then, he won't walk with me.

Richmond said...

That's hilarious!! :)

tammi said...

I love it! And I can't believe I didn't see it until today.

Damned sick stomach anyway.

That was GREAT!

Mrs. Who said...

You guys rock!