Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taste good? You should hear what they sound like!

Shopping for milk, eggs, and donuts.
Carrying my basket through the bakery/deli area, I passed by various rolls and pastries and blah.

But then...

My eyes fell upon a box of the gooiest, yummiest, mouth-watering-est sticky buns I had ever seen in my life.

I gasped loudly.
"Oh. My!"

I gently lifted them from the shelf with both hands. Caressed the plastic cover. Moaned with expectant pleasure.

Then I turned.
Just up the aisle stood a woman with an embarassed kind of grin on her face. She'd been waiting for her deli order and had heard me make such a loud fuss that she instinctually looked to see what had happened.

Beet red, I held out the box of sticky buns so she could see them.
"They called to me!" I begged her to understand.

"I know!" she replied. "I heard them!"


Lee Ann said...



HapKiDo said...

And here I was, debating if "mouth-watering-est" was a word!

I know that call: sweet, warm & seems to say, "hey there. want some of these"?

Unfortunately, it's only sweets, never women. ha ha

Priscilla said...

I heard them from here!

Elisson said...

My buns always seem to be calling out. My wife is not happy about it, either.