Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snow (part 2)

If the story of the angels on snowmobiles warmed your heart, read on...

I had the opportunity this weekend to interview our local tour company. (You know, the people with gigantor luxury busses that take our old people across the state and country to play tourist. And then bring them back, of course.) During the interview, the operations manager told me that although they had cancelled all their tours and their Chicago transit run when the weather got bad on Wednesday, two of their busses were trapped on the Interstate with the other 800 vehicles.

Their two bus drivers had stories to tell:

- Because there were empty seats on both busses, people in vehicles around them were invited to warm up on the bus.

- The busses had bathrooms. Again, folks were welcome to use them.

- Someone had a box of Ding Dongs and shared them.

- Another traveler had a stack of DVDs in his car, brought them onboard a bus, and many people got to watch movies while they waited.

- One bus driver learned of one family transporting a sick child. The child was dependent on a battery-operated machine that was rapidly losing power. While so many people were having trouble reaching police by cell phone, this driver radioed his dispatch who got in touch with emergency personel. A new battery was delivered by snowmobile.

I told the operations manager that I was very sorry that his staff and guests were trapped in the storm. "But, you do realize, because they were there, a lot of people suffered a lot less."



Priscilla said...

I love to hear stories like this. When the going get tough the tough open their hearts.

Richmond said...

Wow - that's just great... :) I love utilizing the shuttle, and now I have one more reason to throw business their way.

Mrs. Who said...

This is making me teary-eyed...there are still such good people in this world.

Contagion said...

It's stories like these that really give me hope for humanity.