Thursday, February 07, 2008


I slept on the floor at work last night.
It just didn't seem right to drive home when the last thing I told my listeners was, "Roads are impassable, the Sheriff's Department urges travelers NOT to travel. Please, just stay home."

Besides, the Interstate was at a complete standstill.
Some people spent the night in their cars.
Angels on snowmobiles rode up and down the highway all night delivering supplies.
National Guard helicopters report 800 vehicles are still stranded this morning.

I slept at work last night.
I slept better than some.

Please pray for them today.

P.S. Meanwhile, this guy came by again this morning.


Priscilla said...

Were you comfy? Does the station have things like blanky's and pillows? Maybe a soft couch or two? I wonder about living in areas where snow ins happen, do you plan for that?

Thumper said...

Kudos for having the smarts to stay put. I feel for the people stuck in their cars in the cold...that was always one of my worries when we lived in ND, especially after my son started driving.

Big props to the people with snowmobiles out there trying to help. Ya know that's a miserable way to spend a night...

tammi said...

Glad you stayed put. Smart thing to do. The whole "angels on snowmobiles" gave me chills. VERY cool.

And send that "this guy" down my way. I STILL haven't gotten the drive completely shoveled.....

Mrs. Who said...

Prayers for them and for you, too. Take care of yourself.

Roses said...

Priscilla: The husband is a boy scout. He's always prepared. Every winter, he packs each of our vehicles with emergency blankets and clothes. Last night, I had the car with the two sleeping bags in it. So, I dragged those into the building and slept on the floor. :)

Thumper and Tammi: You give me too much credit. I tried to find a hotel... but all the rooms were full of people from the highway.

Roses said...

Thanks, Mrs. Who!

Anonymous said...

Wow....I don't feel so bad about my three-hour snowpacked drive home anymore. Glad to hear that you and your loved and liked ones are OK.