Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our Holiday "Wii"kend

Santa brought a Wii.
The boys were thrilled and surprised.
There was no way in the world they thought they’d get one… ever.
Santa left the box way in the back under the Christmas tree, hidden behind a cabinet. It was noon and everything was unwrapped before the husband found it.
No one seemed to mind that Santa had only brought one remote and everyone had to take turns. In fact, it was a good thing the boys were forced to take turns since they did nothing but eat snacks and play Wii Sports for the rest of Christmas Day.
Which made the next day very amusing when the boys woke up moaning, “I am so sore.”

On New Year’s Eve, we walked through the local botanical gardens that were decorated in Christmas lights. It snowed as we walked. It was beautiful.
Then we went home, put out a buffet of fatty snacks, and played "Harry Potter Scene It" until 11pm when the ball dropped in New York. An hour later, when it was midnight in our own time zone, we honored the occasion again with leftover July 4th fireworks.

This morning, we all sat around the kitchen table writing thank you notes. The boys asked how they should sign their cards and I told them, “How about Happy New Year?”
“What? It’s the new year today?”
“Weren’t you here last night? Didn’t we celebrate twice?”

Gimme that Wii.
I think you’ve been virtually boxed in the head too often.


Teresa said...

A very Happy New Year to you and your family Roses!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and happy new year!!

Richmond said...

Heh. So *that's* it...

Happy New Year!

tammi said...

I just have to say....I love your family!


Happy New Year (a day late...)

Lukie said...

My son received the Guitar Hero III for Wii this year. WOW I haven't seen him in several days. It is the best babysitter (kidsitter).