Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Barkin

Almost ate my young this morning.
Yelled a lot at them instead.
Deposited money into their therapy fund.

Asked thin air why they couldn't do anything I ask them to do until I start YELLING AT THEM!
Figured it may be possible I don't make my wishes crystal clear often enough.

So, tonight, at bedtime, I spelled out how much time they had to finish getting ready for bed.
Very sternly, I said, "You have ten minutes, and then I start barkin'!"

There was a scattering of children (impressive, as there are only two of them), a great waving of arms, and their shrill cry of "Not the barkin! Anything but the barkin!"

I walked away before either of them could hear me laugh.

Captain Jack Sparrow had the Kraken.
My boys have the Barkin.


Richmond said...

I have decided that I need to invest in a taser - I think that could work...

Roses said...


jaj said...

Taser is a good idea!

Lee Ann said...

I've found it's just a 'male' thing. I stepped out last night and said, "Honey, I ran the dishwasher this morning before leaving for work. Would you please unload it, so I can get the dinner dishes cleaned up tonight." His response (while knee deep in his video game), "Sure thing!"

I get empty dishwasher. Why was I not surprised? His response, "I'll take care of it tomorrow." No. He won't. I'LL be taking care of it I always do.

God bless his pointed little head.

(And I still don't get yahtzee with the word verification. But I'll keep swinging!) ;)